RENDЯ – No Show Thru Paper

Crescent presents the latest addition to our Art Materials Line:  REN, the revolutionary marker paper. With its new, specially treated and extremely smooth paper, RENDЯ sets new standards for working with markers of all kinds. NO BLEEDING, NO SHOW-THROUGH – for the first time, you can use 100% of your sketchbook, sketchpad or roll and draw on both sides of the paper. This is quite a change from conventional marker paper, where the ink frequently shows through on the reverse side. RENDЯ is the perfect product for professional and hobby artists and the right solution for a variety of drawing tools - from graphite to marker.

RENDЯ diversity

RENDЯ is available as an elegant softcover sketchbook with the special RENDЯ lay-flat binding that allows you to use both pages as one continuous sheet. Other RENDЯ formats include a hardcover sketchbook with spiral binding, a hardcover sketchbook with a high-quality sewn binding, a sketchpad in various sizes – from a pocket-sized version of 9 x 14 cm to the XL-version of 28 x 35.5 cm – and as a 1 x 4 m roll that is ideal for large-format drawings.

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