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What you should know about picture framing glass

The most common misnomer with glass is that it is see-through and that is why customers can be reluctant to pay more for a product that they think they can’t see. Sadly
float glass and many other cheap alternatives are far from see-through. Indeed, your customers are more likely to see a reflection of their face staring back at them, rather than being able to appreciate their art! Only glass with good anti-reflective qualities is nearly invisible to the eye and offers the best clarity to the art.


Quality glass is like “Sunscreen for your art”
Just as we require sun cream to protect us from harmful UV rays, so art needs to sit behind glass with UV-blocking qualities, if it is to be protected. This will prevent your customer’s art from fading, turning brittle or even cracking over time. This is no more important than for art, which is to be hung in direct sunlight, or is valuable to your customer – either because it is financially valuable or sentimentally precious.

The Non-Conservation Glass collection will slow the speed of ageing to the artwork, for minimum and commended levels of framing and complies with FATG quality standards.

Crescent’s GOOD range of picture framing glass includes:

  • Crescent ImageClear AR® (water-white-glass)
    - anti-reflective

  • Tru Vue Reflection Control®
    - non-glare

Green is for GOOD

The Conservation Glass collection offers a higher level of protection for conservation level framing and complies with FATG quality standards.

Crescent’s BETTER range of picture framing glass includes:

  • Tru Vue Conservation Clear®
    - clear

  • Tru Vue Conservation Reflection Control®
    - non-glare


Red is for BETTER

The Museum Glass collection offers the highest levels of protection for museum level framing and complies with FATG quality standards.

Crescent’s BEST picture framing glass includes:

  • Tru Vue Museum Glass®
    - anti-reflective

  • Tru Vue Optium Museum Acrylic®
    - anti-reflective



Blue is for BEST

Offers both UV-blocking qualities and anti-reflective qualities, making it almost invisible to the eye and giving maximum protection and clarity to the art.

BEST museum glass

When protection from harmful UV rays is not a concern, but your customers want to enjoy the best uninterrupted view of
their art with no distortion. Crescent’s new ImageClear AR water-white picture framing glass features the lowest light reflection available, for incomparable clarity and colour transmission.

GOOD standard glass

When should I use which picture framing glass?

The ideal choice to protect a customer’s artwork from the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) light.

BETTER conservation glass

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