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For over 100 years Crescent has served the art and framing communities, establishing a reputation for quality art, illustration and mounting boards that is unequaled. Whether your customer is a professional artist or a novice; working on a school project or corporate presentation; mounting an open reproduction or a priceless original, Crescent has a collection of products suited to meet their needs.


Crescent’s legendary Illustration and Drawing boards continue to have surface papers known for their superior performance and quality. It is suitable for working with pencil, ink, airbrush, washes, light collage and wet media.

Professional quality boards for marker are a rigid alternative to marker layout paper. Graffiti paper accepts spray paints, paint markers, alcohol based markers and acrylics. Marker ink won’t feather and the colour remains brilliant.

Experience the convenience of an extra thick watercolour surface that eliminates the need for stretching and mounting of watercolour paper. Canvas Board has the same texture as real canvas but on a durable surface.

A complete range of presentation boards for any mounting need. Crescent presentation boards are warp resistant, cut easily and come in a full range of sizes and thicknesses. Perfect for all general mounting and display purposes.

The quality of materials used in the range of backing and self-adhesive boards, means they deliver a higher quality, longer lasting job, generating a better quality presentation, ensuring you maintain a high standard with each project.

Crescent Europe provides a foam board for every application. Foam
boards can be used for exhibits, POP displays, signage, photo mounting, screen printing and framing. The boards are lightweight, rigid and ultra smooth.
Our Lines: Altera®, Kool Tack™, Fome-Cor® und Perfect Mount®

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