Altera Graphics

Crescent Europe provides a foam board for every application. The polystyrene core is bonded between high quality papers to create a lightweight, reliably rigid, ultra-smooth board. Altera Foam feature a wide range of types, sizes and thicknesses. Crescent Europe foam boards can be used for exhibits, POP displays, signage, photo mounting, screen-printing and framing.

Altera Foam

Crescent Europe expanded its Altera Graphics product range with the Altera Cutting line in 2016 with a wide selection of cutting tools for every application. Crescent Europe offers a great selection of cutting tools for all kinds of hobby, sewing and handicraft cutting purposes.  The line Altera Cutting features a wide range of models, sizes and thicknesses for self-healing cutting mats and convenient rotary cutter with replacement blade types.

Altera Cutting

Crescent offers a full range of presentation boards for every need. Crescent presentation boards are warp resistant, cut easily and come in a full range of sizes and thicknesses. Perfect for all general mounting and display purposes. In order to complete the Altera Presentation range, Crescent also offers self-adhesive presentation stands made of grey board encapsulated between white or black paper liners. The stands are delivered ready for use and can directly be applied on the back of a foam board or other type of presentation board.

Altera Presentation

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